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- Ai-Pe ... - I almost fell asleep, since almost a guillotine relied on Ai-Petri

in the form of a fine, but corrected the situation in time: - Petya, I'm only from roulette!

There was no limit to my indignation, although arguing with a slave owner is pointless, and even dangerous, you can run into uncontrollable anger, but at six in the morning my instinct for self-preservation was sleeping without hind legs, and a deadly tired organism was trying to win back its legal right to a twenty-minute relaxing on the sofa.

Ai-Petri jerked sharply and made two wide jumps in my direction. I jumped up like a scalded chicken, forgetting about the cast-iron legs and high heels, abruptly tossing the wrinkled sweater away from me - maybe it's his. But Ai-Petri flew by, not giving attention to either me or the sweater, kicked a busty blonde on the go, or rather a magazine with a busty blonde - he flew right under the sofa, Leshka will again swear that someone stole another issue from him, - grabbed a dry sandwich from the plate, swallowed without chewing and barked in my direction:

- Selezneva, quickly rushed to blackjack. There Rose came.



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